Sharing on Social Media

“The biggest change the web will bring about is in allowing us to share with one another in new ways and particularly to share ideas” (Leadbeater 2008:6)

Why do we share? Is it simply to gain popularity? To express ourselves or is it just for fun? Well according to The New York Times Customer Insight Group (Moon and CoSchedule, 2016) there are five main reasons why we decide to share content online. Here are the five reasons:
• To bring valuable and entertaining content to others
• To define ourselves to others
• To grow and nourish our relationships
• Self fulfilment
• To get the word out


Social media has become a very powerful platform where it has allowed the audience to become prosumers instead of consumers. Audiences have now become more active and less passive as they are now creating and sharing content online through social networking sites such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. It has given us the power to become Citizen Journalist. But how have we become Citizen Journalism? Well let me tell you. Audiences can now take photos and videos live from the scene where an event has occurred and upload it onto their blogs, social media accounts and YouTube channels where they can share it with everyone, which shows how they have become more active as they are now expressing their opinions on social issues.

One example of Citizen Journalism would be the Paris Attacks that happened on 13th November 2013, where people used social media to upload pictured and videos of the attacks to warn others.

This only proves how sharing has become much more easier to do, as the Web 2.0 has made it easier for us to share content across to anyone through just one click away. The web 2.0 has given the people the ability to collaborate and share information online with everyone but also the freedom to express their thoughts with each other by using online platforms (Digital Democracy) such as social network sites. Furthermore It has giving them the freedom of expression, equality of opportunity, freedom of speech, accessibility, instigate social change and electric activism. But how can we do this? Well let me tell you, we express ourselves by publishing blogs, videos and memes online and sharing it across for everyone to see.

Like, Subscribe, Comment and Share

We often use the phrase “Like, Subscribe, Comment and Share”, but why? Well in my opinion the reason why we use this particular phrase is so that our content can go viral for everyone to see. It is a way to get the world out by asking our target audience to get involved by sharing and commenting, which can be a positive factor as people can connect with each other through that way.
“We are what we share!” By this am referring to the fact that what we share on social media may define who we are to others. But what is the reason behind why we share? Well according to my research the reason why we share is to show our support for a cause we believe in, to stay connected with people, to get involved and to share opinions on social factors that we strongly believe in. We do this by clicking the like bottom on Facebook, by re tweeting on Twitter and by Subscribing on YouTube.

Sharing has become part of our daily life as we often do it without even realising it. It has become part of who we are which shows how much we depend on it, which can be a positive factor as we can use it to get the word out across to everyone through just one click away.

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