convergence of media tactics ,good for media good for audiences

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The Air+style snowboard championship is the most popular x sport event in china up to now. And I won’t miss it each year as I’m a big fan of x sports. The reason why i think it could be so successful in china is it was broadcast on different platforms(Radios ,Micro blogs, Internet broadcasting,Apps on different mobile devices etc) and all these platforms which broadcast it not only cooperated really close but also have a clear division of labor.In other word the way that the media work now is some kind of convergent.

Convergence have a wild rang of meanings .According to Rich Gordon convergence have six different meanings when it used in different context.The convergence i mean in this article is the convergence of media tactics which holds the same idea as the Media Symbiosis(Media only to rely on each other can be symbiotic coexistence. “Media tactical joint does not involve ownership of the merger, mainly refers to the different ownership of the media in the content and marketing cooperation, such as the cooperation between newspapers, television and network.).And i think this kind of converging media operation mode is a very smart way to broadcast or organise Large-scale recreational activity and very likely to be the future of the new media world.

Why i have this feeling toward media convergence? That is because of 2 key elements the two most important words for media I think: technology and sharing.


Sharing is part of what’s social about social media and Online sharing opens up new social possibilities ,new kinds of new networks and new forms for distributed creativity and collaboration. (Social media: communication, sharing and visibility — Graham Meikle 2016)Audiences likes to participate in entertainment activities and could be a very important part of the activity.It could hold the audiences better as the audiences are able to share their opinion and be part of it instead of only watch it.


Technology development is the fundamental of media development(Media in the Digital Age JOHN V. PAVLIK.2008) especially when we talk about Convergence in Media Technology.All forms of media convergence into a networked digital environment the characteristic and basic affordance of digital information can be exploited to developed new approaches to communication complex information to audiences and Networked digital media enable new convergences of textual forms.(Media convergence: networked digital media in everyday life — Graham Meikle, Sherman Young 2012)People use mobile phones which carries apps that have could let them share thoughts while they watch the show or event on the computer or TV.

Media organisations should no longer just present something instead to get the best results it’s important to lead audiences to join into the event and complete the event themselves because get information, think than share it that is what people do when they participate in an entertainment activity.Sharing is what social media about technology is what sharing needs.With the development of media technology, media organisations works closer and closer, and because of different characteristics that different media platforms have the division of work gets more and more clear.Which i think is good for both media organizations and audiences. I mean, good for you and good for me.