Heinz Baked Beans advert banned a 2nd time over inaccurate flatulence claims

Advertising Standards Authority — protein shakes make you trump, but the idea that it’s more than baked beans is quite frankly ridiculous…..

A Heinz advert has been banned for a second time for giving an inaccurate representation of how much people fart after eating baked beans.

The original version of the advert was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority last year for suggesting that baked beans will only make you trump as much as you would if you’d had a protein shake, but after several empirical tests undertaken by Advertising Standards Authority Officials — a new version of the advert has been banned again for being misleading.

The Advertising Standards Authority’s Head of Flatulence, Mr. Ian Continent said, “the new version of the Heinz baked beans advert shows a man drinking a protein shake and explaining that he almost followed through at the gym after blowing off when he tried to beat his personal best weight whilst doing squats. His wife then says, ‘you should’ve had some beans,’ and this could be interpreted by viewers to mean that the beans don’t make you fart as much whilst you’re trying to do a deadlift.”

Because consumers may interpret the advert as implying that the consumption of baked beans might not make you pass gas as much as a protein shake would, the ASA has therefore concluded that the advert “must not appear again in its current form,” and instead must feature a room full of body builders with pegs on their noses as they attempt to lift weights.

A Heinz spokesperson has issued a statement to The W1nners’ Club stating that the intention of the advert was to promote the nutritional value of baked beans in a light-hearted way, but goes on to concede that suggesting you won’t get an excessive build-up of gas in the alimentary canal is a bit like suggesting you won’t get severe diarrhoea after eating a mutton vindaloo.

“Several ASA officials had to join a gym and undertake a personal training program that involved eating baked beans for several weeks followed by a regime with a protein shake. It wasn’t so much the embarrassment of farting in a Yoga class that caused them consternation, but the fact that they had to join a gym in the first place,” Mr. Continence added.

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