Uber: self-driving cars are perfectly safe as long as someone is driving them

Uber Technologies inc. have stated that self-driving cars are perfectly safe as long as there is somebody behind the wheel at all times.

The latest accident involving a self-driving vehicle operated by one of several companies experimenting with autonomous technology caused no serious injuries, but in the interest of safety, every self-driving car will have to have somebody that is in total control of the vehicle at all times going forward (or reverse for that matter).

Uber’s Head of Self-Driving Technology Mr. Otto Nomous-Vehicle said, “We honestly believe autonomous driving technology is perfectly safe as long you have somebody to push down the accelerator, to indicate, to use the clutch, to apply the brakes, to steer and to park the car. Apart from those few simple actions, a self-driving car can now operate with almost no human intervention whatsoever.”

The recent accident occurred when the driver of a second vehicle “failed to yield” to the Uber car whilst making a turn, although it is rumoured Uber’s vehicle had already gone through four red lights, had both indicators on simultaneously and its windscreen wipers on at full speed even though the weather was bright and sunny.

When Uber first launched its self-driving vehicle pilot program in Pittsburgh last year, it said that the new technology had the potential to reduce the number of traffic accidents in the country but since then the company has moved away from peddling road safety as autonomous vehicle technology’s unique selling point — instead opting to promote the 1980s TV show Knight Rider as the most logical reason for further investment in the technology.

“If you’ve ever seen any of the Herbie movies about an adorable yet mischievous Volkswagen Beetle, you’ll know how important self-driving technology will be for the wider economy in the future. You’ll just need to have a full clean driving licence and to be in total control of the vehicle at all times to ensure the technology actually works properly,” Mr. Nomous-Vehicle added.

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