Wonga — A dedicated team is on hand to deal with any customer concerns

Customers of payday loan company Wonga are unsure whether illegal and unauthorised activity on their bank accounts is included in the terms and conditions of their loan agreements.

Whilst it has been reported in the press that personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers, sort codes and the last four digits of customers’ bank cards may have been compromised — most Wonga customers are used to having large amounts of money taken from their bank accounts every month by unscrupulous cyber criminals.

Wonga’s Head of Cyber Insecurity Mr. Mal Ware said, “Customers should check their loan agreement documents to ascertain whether or not they are the victim of a scam or if what they are experiencing is part of our standard terms and conditions. If, for example you receive a letter from a fake law firm demanding the repayment of money you have no idea you ever borrowed, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about as it is covered by clause 4.1.3 of your credit agreement.”

The firm said it began contacting borrowers on Saturday and was offering support through a dedicated premium rate phone line, although most Wonga customers are used to hearing nothing more than heavy breathing when they are contacted by the company via telephone with regard to late payments.

The payday lender has also set up a help page for affected customers which asks them to look out for any suspicious activity like not being skint a week after payday, being invited to apply for a credit card that doesn’t have an interest rate that resembles a phone number and feeling flush enough to offer to get a round in at the pub — if any of the above has occurred you should contact your bank immediately as this has absolutely nothing to do with Wonga.

“Our suspect debt collection practices have been well documented in investigations conducted by the FCA and anything contrary to this might be a scam. Customers can contact the Wonga helpline on 0800 KERCHING (calls will be charged at £27.50 per minute) if they want to know precisely how far we’ll go to recover our money from you,” Mr. Ware added.

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