Web3 Antivirus 0.4 Is In For a Fight Against Tougher Risks

Introducing a treasure trove of new capabilities behind the updated extension.

Welcome in again, we’re thrilled to announce rolling out a brand-new package of W3A feature improvements — you’re going to like them! So, what are the jobs that the power-added Web3 Antivirus is able to nail?

Identify fake websites

Guess you know that some scammers carve a niche for themselves by impersonating popular platforms. To trick careless users into visiting their phishing websites, they may utilize similar-looking characters or symbols, like öpensea[.]io. While this one seems a no-brainer, others can be pretty hard to tell apart from the original.

As you implement the updated Web3 Antivirus, consider the case of weird URL replicas open-and-shut. The newest release prevents visiting malicious look-alikes by red-flagging potential scams within alert notifications.

Detect unauthorized access to the token balance

Uncovering harmful methods able to secretly bring changes into your balance is notoriously no kid stuff. And though the risk you happen upon a smart contract with a malicious method behind isn’t the most common one, that’s no reason to leave it be.

Just because the ill-minded contract developers have the audacity to hide their fraudulent method, chances are that the contract can either execute the DelegateCall mechanism or remain unverified.

How can the token balance be changed? Could be transfer, minting, or burning. But the thing is, unlike these well-known methods, there are custom-built ones that are designed to capture user addresses and transaction sums. Meaning, the method developer is free to change the victim’s balance by using the sum indicated during the call, in every way possible.

The good news is that W3A 0.4 is natural in detecting attempts to get unauthorized access to your balance. Your peace of mind will totally be back, as the extension marks the risk for you to block the suspicious transaction with no doubts. And more capabilities around detecting malicious methods are days away!

Reveal proxy contracts

Speaking of dangerous methods, W3A couldn’t see past proxy contracts, those that delegate calls to other ones. Not that all proxies were necessarily the peril, but in case you don’t trust the contract owners you can’t be sure the target contract hasn’t been modified into a malicious scheme.

With the new version of Web3 Antivirus, there’s no need to get the hang of telling proxies and non-proxies apart, as the extension informs you in case the scanned contract qualifies as a proxy.

Conduct an even more meticulous NFT analysis

NFTs aren’t what Web3 Antivirus toys with, and the brand-new version further ferries you through the intricacies of token analysis. Behold detailed overviews of NFT swaps indicating token verification signatures, marketplaces where tokens are listed, prices in crypto, and expect way more.

Also, as you may have noted, we’ve added links to the project’s socials so that you can make sure the project is live, and check recent news and feedback from its community to decide if you can trust it.

Analyze ERC20 tokens supply

For you to get ERC token price risks neatly measured, the updated Web3 Antivirus shows the exact share of circulating supply of minted tokens out of max supply, given the limits are set.

Weigh in on the UI/UX improvements

Lighten up as we bring more improvements into the extension’s UI/UX, designing handy notifications and polishing accessibility.

In case you have some lingering questions or sensible suggestions, you’re welcome — the W3A team is happy to have the privilege of getting direct feedback.

And, dare we say before you rush checking the updates, we are on the cusp of something yet bigger any time soon. Stay tuned!



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