Web3 Antivirus 0.6: Fair NFT Prices, Easier Listing & Site Verification, Automated Conversion

Web3 Antivirus
3 min readApr 12


The improved version gives an edge with NFT deals, automates time-consuming processes, and keeps unreliable platforms off.

Glad to announce that the version 0.6 of Web3 Antivirus is out. We continue cultivating the extension’s verification capabilities in every way while adding cool features that help you enhance your web3 journey. Get better deals at lower prices, know every little detail about your assets, and keep risks at bay.

Let’s get to know Web3 Antivirus v.0.6 closer!

Enjoy fair price estimations

Competitive prices make a market. Alongside instant token purchases, nearly any decent marketplace enables users to send NFT price offerings that seem fair to them. Some even throw dedicated auctions where one’s free to place a bid.

It’s only that odds are the item you’re aching to buy is going to be pretty overpriced. Bidders see the stakes getting all the way higher as if someone’s stepping on their toes, which makes them excited over the top about the trophy. The next thing they know, they purchase it right away.

Still, the reality bites — both the demand and rarity may turn out to be fake, just smoke and mirrors. Web3 Antivirus now contributes to honest competition and helps you know the fair price.

We’re introducing a new algorithm allowing you to find out the fair value of any NFT in question. Specifically, as you are about to sign a message or a transaction, W3A scans the NFT involved in the deal while showing the expected outcome and a price that would be fair for the asset.

Now, you get a chance for a second thought on the overpriced items — and the fake rarity offerings can be declined in case you think a deal would be a waste.

The new algorithm enables you to make offers with sensible prices for NFTs on Rarible, LooksRare, Golom, and Foundation marketplaces.

W3A 0.6 also helps you place well-thought-out data-driven bids on Rarible and Foundation auctions.

Make informed NFT listing decisions

As you list tokens for sale, the ability to double-check every tiny detail is priceless. You now have it too. The updated Web3 Antivirus allows you to access transaction details when you list NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace — from the token image, name, and price, to the platform’s fee, creator royalty, and the final amount you’re to get as a result of the deal.

Get the conversion routines automated

Wasting time on repetitive conversion isn’t helping, right? You’re not converting native crypto, NFTs, and other kinds of tokens into fiat by yourself anymore, as the fiat price equivalent shows now by default.

Browse safe across web3 platforms

Of all mistakes, hitting the web3 road with a fraudulent or phishing website is arguably the worst. By enriching its extensive blocklists and allowlists, Web3 Antivirus helps verify if the site you’re about to visit is okay. You seize the day — our job is to keep on implementing new parameters for a comprehensive check.


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