I Saved My Life and My Bank Account by Giving Up Alcohol
Stephanie Ashe

Hi, nice article and well done for giving up the booze. Both my partner and I struggled with alcohol for a few years after moving to a new area. Long story short: we’d been regularly drinking too much for too long. We both seriously cut back about a year ago, giving up the mid week drinking and just keeping it to a sensible amount at the weekends, then my partner decided to give it up all together about 7 months ago, and I have just completed my first month sober and I can honestly say it’s been great. I can think much more clearly, our weekends seem noticeably longer and more enjoyable, we’re saving a small fortune, and no more hangovers. I was concerned that giving up all together meant I wouldn’t be able to enjoy social occasions, and that giving up would be impossible as I have tried in the past and almost immediately failed, but those concerns seem to have gone now, and if I could put it down to one thing it was telling myself to give it up for just one month, see how I felt after that month, and If wanted to start drinking again, I could. But after going the month I can honestly say I have no real desire to drink, and I feel good! Here’s to another month. Dave. UK.