What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex is a revolutionary technology aimed at making natural conversations between humans and computers. This technology is focused on carrying out different tasks such as arranging appointments, and so on. The conversations are meant to be maximum natural, so people are not forced to adjust their speech to the machines. The tasks are implemented by the machine in a completely autonomous way without human engagement. Hence the system adapts to human, therefore, people can speak to the system in a way they speak to one another. Duplex can understand quite complicated sentences. In case the system gets commands that…

Google has sped up development over the past few years. Google’s newest technology, based on the recognition of images, called “Google lens” can be defined as revolutionary. It makes the lives of its users much easier. We will try to cover the latest and most significant features of the Google lens in this article. The latest features of the famous app were officially announced during Google I/O 2019 conference. Lens uses advanced deep learning routines in order to empower detection capabilities.

It’s Easy in Usage

After hearing about the Google lens App you might wonder how to use it. It is very simple and…

In the contemporary world, software developers are in high demand as they find solutions to real-life issues and turn goals into reality. But programming is not just about writing good codes or reaching the desired output: it includes a lot more. In this listicle, we will discuss the various habits and techniques that successful software developers use to improve their lives as programmers.

They Understand the Needs of the Business

All skilled programmers realize that codes drive businesses. They bring to life suggestions and ideas forward supporting the company to make profits.

They are Proactive

The most successful programmers never…

Have you ever imagined that one-day machines will think and work like humans? If no, the time has come for it. It happened thanks to the invention of Artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s start to discover it from all sides.

What is AI?

Nowadays artificial intelligence (AI) is growing super rapidly. Sometimes AI is referred simply to the robots looking like human beings. Actually, it includes much more, starting from Google search tools to sovereign ammunition. Artificial intelligence doesn’t perform merely robotization, it carries out computerized tasks in a trustworthy manner. …

The journey of becoming a professional programmer begins from learning the first programming language. Don’t get surprised, when you hear that more than 500 programming languages exist. The most popular ones are Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, CSS, C++, Typescript, Ruby and more. Anyway, one question is still actual as never: can a programmer be successful knowing a single programming language? Surely, there are specialized roles in one programming language, but most of the companies prefer to hire programmers who can handle multiple programming languages. Therefore, if you still know a single programming language, here are the reasons that the time…

Git repositories inside of other Git repositories

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There is no native subtree command, and it is like an approach that allows nesting one repository inside another one as a subdirectory. It is one of the ways to track the history of software dependencies.

Git subtree is the main alternative to Git submodule. However, subtrees should not be confused with submodules. Git subtree is a copy of a Git repository pulled into a parent one. Git submodule is a pointer to a specific commit in another repository. Unlike submodules, subtrees do not need.gitmodules files or gitlinks in the repository.

Pros and Cons

Git subtree sometimes has advantages over submodules, and there…

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SSH keys appear to be commonly used worldwide. The keys are used for executing financial transactions, updating configurations, moving log data, file transfers, interactive logins by system administrators, and for other purposes.

What are SSH Keys?

SSH keys are a credential access that is used in SSH protocol (Secure Shell). Secure Shell is a network protocol that helps you to log in from one computer to another securely, as well as to manage networks, operating systems, and configurations. …

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Undoubtedly, Git can be your best choice; nevertheless, there are things that you shouldn’t do to avoid situations that may cause lots of issues for you and your team. In this article, we just want to suggest tips to follow in order to cut the chances of falling into an unwanted situation. Previously, we highlighted 5 Best Git Practices for Effective Work, which seems to be a great topic gaining your attention day by day. Now let’s discuss those 7 Don’ts, which you can look through every time you use Git.


  1. Commit directly to the master. If you’re working with…

How to fix your mistakes

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We always highlight the countless opportunities that Git offers you, and today’s article is not an exception. Git is prominent for its super-magical ability to undo almost everything! You probably remember thousands of sad cases where you merged and then realized that you hadn’t meant to do it. Even if you think that merging by mistake is the greatest failure in your life, take a deep breath and read the article until the end.

With that said, there is no traditional undo command in Git. Undoing is done through some other commands that will be the topic of this article…

Actually, git rebase and git merge do the same thing but in different ways. They both integrate git commits from one branch into another, but how each of them achieves the desired result, we will discuss in the scope of this article!

First, let’s dive deep into each of these commands and find the exact strategy which suits best for your workflow.

Git Merge

Git merge takes the content of a source branch and integrates it with a target branch. As a result, only the target branch is changed, and the source branch history remains untouched. …


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