Asghar Bukhari: The Real Reason Why The West Fears Muslims
Asghar Bukhari

I think your idea of glorifying Muslims by comparing the situation right now as ‘Israelites revolting against the Pharaonic Egyptians’ are loathsome. The West does fear Muslims alright; but don’t get carried away by this idea that they are afraid because they used to colonize us the Muslims! They are afraid of us because they are afraid that our religion that says ‘Islam will triumph and others will be gone’ will made them gone as well! You have to remember back in the 20th century, the Ottoman Empire carried massacres against its Armenian population. Aren’t we told in Quran that ‘forgiveness is better?’ Take a look at East Asian countries: China, South Korea, Japan, even Vietnam. They did not spawn any terrorist attacks against the West in the past 10 years even though they were equally victims of colonization injustice! And supposedly only the Western countries are afraid of Islam; then how come the Indians who are also Western victims of colonization fear Islam as well?

Stop acting like Muslims are so innocent and weak! Muslims have nuclear weapons! Look at Pakistan! Muslims do have armies (albeit useless and not self-producing: and please count the militants as well)! Muslims do deny freedom of religion! In Pakistan, Ahmadis and Shiites are persecuted, in Syria and Iran the Sunnis were persecuted, Iran and Egypt persecute Baha’is, Saudis persecute Shiites and liberals, Sudan before its breakup persecuted Christians and non-Muslims, Boko Haram killed both Muslims and non-Muslims…Muslims nowadays have a trend of persecuting those who don’t have the same religious affiliation with them! Don’t be blind to this! Don’t let your Muslim superiority blind you to your flaws!

The West is full of flaws and guilty of many sins, I concede. But the Muslims are full of sins too. And thinking that you are Israelites going against the Pharaoh; how great of you to appropriate yourself as a woken slave! If the acts of Boko Haram is what you consider the acts of a woken slave, then I can only say, “ma antum? What are you?” And those who colonize us back in the 19th century and early 20th century are dead; do you suppose the child carries the sins of his father?

We Muslims are no Moses.

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