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A flip phone is a retreat

“There is something compulsive about a telephone. The gadget-ridden man of our age loves it, loathes it, and is afraid of it. But he always treats it with respect, even when he is drunk. The telephone is a fetish.” Raymond Chandler, ‘The Long Goodbye’ (1953)

Up in Red Feather Lakes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the nights are so dark you can see more stars than you ever thought existed.

“ A million fireflies hovering over a deep blue lake. An infant’s blanket decorated with stars. A thousand-lane highway full of headlights. …

August FirstWeek begins. Disabling cross-posting from to socials!

“Hello, World!” (of POSSE) | now syndicating | #OwnYourSocialMedia #IndieWeb

Why I’m putting The World’s Most-Wanted App on pause

On my Fulbright researching technology addiction, I started a campaign to #GetPhoneSmart, a journey of re-evaluating your digital life which is best bugan by following Cal Newport’s advice to do a Digital Declutter. My team at the University of Chicago invented a version the kids would find fun: an Insta-braggable communal challenge to flip to retro tech called FirstWeekFlipPhone!

Though the challenge is now on pause (until we find the right mental health charity back in the UK to partner with), one of the core insights shared by our Detoxers as well as Cal’s is that Instant Messaging (IM) can…

The company fka Publist recently got $1.5m in venture funding, and needed a big vision brand to fit:

(updated Oct ’20: dark mode)

Founder Will Haering has been a web design wonderkid for the past decade, so knows the trials & tribulations for web devs. As he wrote in his blog post announcing the company name change, the vision over many years is to fundamentally overhaul the way web devs make web apps, in the same way as Microsoft changed software and Apple changed mobile apps.

This article is a follow-up to my original piece “Why I’m giving up my Smartphone for One Week each Month”, which I would suggest reading first.

A lot of people, particularly in older generations, couldn’t quite believe that a 24-year old tecchie like myself was engaging in a digital detox challenge like this. To help with that disbelief, I was hoping to be able to show you screen shots from wonderful screen time tracker (& now coach) Moment throughout the year. …

“If I ever did leave Gary, I would want to return one day to contribute to the youth”, Destiny Joyce, a 16-year old student at Steel City Academy in Gary, IN tells me. Destiny’s headteacher thinks she has bright things ahead of her.

Destiny Joyce

Destiny’s attachment may surprise some Americans. Whilst folks back home in the UK may be amused by its personable name, Gary brings to American minds images of crime and poverty as the nation’s murder capital in the 1990s.

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