By Ibrahima “Prof” Traore, ML expert at Wildcard /

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In this article, you will learn different math concepts such as gradient descent, derivatives, matrix, chain rule, and how to use those concepts to explain and solve some back propagation examples from scratch (in artificial neural network). Neural networks are a family of powerful machine learning models. This technology has been proven to excel at solving a variety of complex problems in engineering, science, finance, market analysis and many more.

Note: Basic knowledge about derivatives is recommended to get the best out of this article.

There are two directions in…

by Anselme, Rustacean and ML engineer at Wildcard

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For the last couple of years, I’ve been hearing more and more about a language named Rust. Well known as the most loved language on Stackoverflow’s annual developer survey for the fifth year in a row, Rust is famous for its memory safety without a garbage collector and concurrency without data races! But Rust is also feared as a hard-to-learn language, scaring away many developers. For way too long, I postponed learning Rust. That was a mistake.

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Cloud-native development makes way for applications that are packaged in containers, deployed as various microservices, managed on elastic infrastructure, built on agile DevOps processes, and delivered in continuous workflows. The cloud-native DevOps abstracts the underlying compute, storage and networking primitives, abstaining the concerned DevOps teams’ direct access to programming interfaces (APIs). With orchestrator handling resource allocation itself, they are reduced to mere policymakers.

Cloud-native development tools, such as Kubernetes, simulate a flat network tied to present networking topologies and primitives of cloud vendors. …

“Albert grunted. “Do you know what happens to lads who ask too many questions?” Mort thought for a moment.
“No,” he said eventually, “what?” There was silence.
Then Albert straightened up and said, “Damned if I know. Probably they get answers, and serve ’em right.”
― Terry Pratchett,

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W6D (Wildcard) Frequently Asked Questions on

My pipeline failed but I don’t know why Each pipeline has a detail page and logs accessible. Look for the exact error label, written in red, in the failed pipeline page! It’s taking too much time! Our engine was built to execute the pipelines in less than 2 seconds! Where can…

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Babelfish: A Universal Code Parser

Babelfish is a self-hosted server for source-code parsing: it has the power to parse all kinds of file, in any supported language, extracting an Abstract Syntax Tree and converting it into a Universal Abstract Syntax Tree (UAST). This UAST enables further analysis and transformations with either the included tools or your own tools by providing a standard open format.

The project has been developped to be able to parse millions of repositories. …

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  1. Personal Information
  2. Repositories and code
  3. Contacts

1. Personal information

When you register to our platform, your personal information is safely stored in our database, and to our marketing automation platform. Nobody except us, Wildcard collaborators, have access to this data. Your personal information will only be used according to the rights you have granted and may include automatic emails to accompany the experience on Wildcard, weekly newsletter or casual information emails on Widcard’s solution and features.

Registration to mailing lists may be cancelled at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button, or contacting us directly at We give you…

Last March 16, Github announced that an agreement was signed to acquire NPM.

Despite the mistrust of the open source community vis-à-vis Github (recently bought by Microsoft), the world’s leading development platform consolidates its positioning and its strategy by acquiring NPM, the leading supplier of the Javascript application packages.

With 3 million packages, 75 billion downloads a month and 11 million developers, NPM is the supply chain platform where maintainers and developers deliver and consume Javascript and node JS code.

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Interactions developpers have with NPM

This schema represents the kind of interactions that developers have with NPM platform.

Generally, as consumer of mainstream frameworks (express…

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Deploying a website or API often feels like :

  • wrangling Docker images…
  • herding virtual machines…
  • generating buckets and buckets of CI/CD pipelines…
  • iterating upon dependencies…
  • growing a magnificent Kubernetes…
  • framing monitoring…
  • and more…

It’s the long and repetitive work of the DevOps.
Luckily there is a way to automate this!


Wildcard WaaS (Workflow as a Service) solution automates developers’ CI/CD pipelines like no one else. Code your best, we do the rest.

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