How To Create Good Feng Shui On Your Office Desk

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There are various components which consolidate to make the ideal Feng Shui work area setup. These are the elements which we will consider: position, organization, bagua, size, shape, color, and material.

The Position of your desk

The perfect Feng Shui work area location has an instructing perspective of the entryway, a lovely view out of a window, and a sturdy divider behind you. You would prefer not to sit individually before the entryway, yet you ought to even now observe individuals traveling every which way. You should have the ability to see a significant part of the room however as could be normal.

IF you have a smaller apartment, for example, a studio och have to place the desk against the wall. Put a mirror that will make the energy flow in the room by the reflection in the mirror and place a mat at the “office area” do mark the office desk area.

You cannot control what you cannot see. The chart underneath demonstrates the best place for your Feng Shui work area.

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Once more, you need an instructing perspective of the room; it will give you a specialist. The best position is on slanting opposite the entryway. On the off chance that a window is behind you, put a large household item or a plant behind you to give strength.

The view from your work area is essential. It influences all that you do.

Ensure the view from your work area is satisfying. Evade a clear divider (which will add to an absence of vision and a deficiency of chances) or tumultuous perspectives.

Organization for Optimization

A jumbled work area demonstrates hesitation and mental disarray. De-mess your work area. The main things around your work area ought to be things that you utilize day by day and you ought to have the capacity to reach everything effortlessly. Also, conceal wires and strings.

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The Feng Shui Bagua

You can apply the Feng Shui bagua to the highest point of your work area.

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Back left: Wealth
A plant encourages growth in this area, as does a water fountain or symbol of water. Other ideas: an item of value, suck as a crystal vase, to represent your fortune.

Middle left: Family
To nourish close ties, display a family photo, a gift from a relative, a wooden bowl or lamp. Accent this space in shades of blue or green.

Front left: Knowledge
Keep books or reference materials here, along with a blue object (like a candle) to energize learning.

Back center: Fame and reputation
This area represents who you are to the world — your character and image. Place a red lamp or candle, your business cards, or an award or certificate here.

Middle center: Health
Keep this area clear of dust or dirt. Energize it with yellow or green, or symbols of the earth (flowers, stones, or shells).

Front Center: Career
Place your computer here, and select an image of water (ocean, waterfall) for your desktop screen to symbolize money. Use green accents for new opportunities and red ones for motivation.

Back right: Relationships
Display a picture of you and your loved one, or a red or pink flower in a small vase to invite more successful relationships into your life.

Middle right: Creativity
Add a journal or light to enhance creativity. Place colored Post-its here or items made of copper, silver, gold, or other metals.

Front right: Helpful people
Keep your telephone and project and client files here to stay connected to those who support you and your work. Accent colors are gray and silver.

I created this desk for an example for you to see:

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Desk Size

Your work area ought to be proportioned sufficiently huge to work, however not all that enormous that it overwhelms the workplace or you cannot achieve things around your work area.

A vast, extensive work area suggests profitability and summons over your business. In any case, on the off chance that it gets so huge that you cannot achieve things than you free control and specialist.

Desk Shape

Rectangle: A rectangular work area is useful for fixation. It is a suitable form for office work.
Circle: Around work, the area is useful for conceptualizing and inventiveness.
Blended: A bent shape work area is excellent for fixation on the off chance that you perch within the bend this is on account of the vitality is pulling internal towards you. The outside bend will shield individuals from waiting.
Close front: A work area with a shut front builds up limits. (Add a mirror on the wall for the energy to flow, and you can see the room, including the carpet on the floor for your office area.)
Open front: A desk with an open front is more intimate than a desk with close front, and it will feel more comfortable approach for you.

Desk Colors

Dark: moves vitality down and in, energizes thoughtfulness, opens up potential outcomes.
Dark colored: bolsters and fortifies physical body, does not initiate mind.
White: stimulates the psyche, channels physical body.
Dark: centers mind, channels physical body.
Green: adjusts body and brain, maintains longer endeavors.
Quieted tones: increment mental concentration without depleting physical body as much as dim.
Brilliant hues: actuate eye, making the body and mind eager.

Most wooden work areas or medium conditioned surfaces give only the appropriate measure of stand out from white paper to mitigate visual strain.

Desk Material & Texture

Wood: strong, durable, solid, unsurprising, steady, dependable.
Metal: sharp, infiltrating, bunches of mental vitality, focus.
Glass: uncovering, you do not have anything to hide (energy moves too rapidly through a glass work area, back it off with wooden adornments or a plant).
Laminate: vivaciously nonpartisan.

Feng Shui Desk DON’TS

  • Try not to have a jumbled work area.
  • Avoid poison arrows on the plant.
  • No window behind you, if you do have a window behind you, put plants or long curtains to block the energy that comes from outside.
  • Try not to put the work area before the entryway.
  • Abstain from confronting a clear divider, on the off chance that you do not have any arrangement rather than a mirror on the divider for the vitality to hover in the room.
  • Try not to return yours to the entryway.

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