7 Reasons To Be Excited About The Future of Work
Michael Karnjanaprakorn

Thanks for your upbeat article. Positive vision is required for positive outcome. Your last paragraph is the kicker, but grounds your vision with the ubiquitous human challenge inherent in most worthwhile endeavors. Maximizing the number of people devoted to harnessing the technology trajectory for the greater good is but one mandatory component for bringing your utopian vision to fruition.

I’m a “millennial grandparent” who’s was working in learning systems for the US defense technology complex when the internet was “birthed.” I’ve been engulfed in learning technology and future of work considerations ever since. So, I contend that humans are humans and learning styles, work ethic, technical aptitude, productivity, etc. are distinctly individual traits. Anyone working in the near or distant future will have to work differently. Continuous change replaced “status quo” many years ago (at least in high tech.) Successive generations have brought predicted exponential gains in data analysis, storage & transmission capability to fruition. The rapid creation of myriad tech tools in a short time span does not automatically represent greater change and innovation significance than that of say, the wheel, the aqueduct or penicillin. But, the technology available to current & future workers & organizations are truly exciting. The human empathy you espouse for the deployment of these tools is refreshing and vital. I’ll gladly follow & evangelize Skillshare however possible.

Now, if Elon would just hurry up with my neural lace implant…..

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