5 reasons why you should apply for the Female Founders mentoring program

  1. Never stop learning

No matter if you are still in idea stage or already founded your company — along the way you will repeatedly find yourself in situations where advice, insights or an external point of view can work miracles. We want to connect you to this person, who, in the course of one year, will act as your sparring partner. Choose one of more than 20 mentors — entrepreneurs, founders and managers coming from various industries (female & male).

2. Meet amazing people

We’ll not only connect you to this one inspiring mentor, but to a community of your peers. Other aspiring female founders with whom you can discuss, get feedback and share your achievements. People who are facing the same challenges as you.

3. Skip that one mistake

The mentors have “been there and done that”. Chances are big that they’ve faced similar challenges. Take the chance and learn from their experience. Ask as many questions as you can and don’t make the same mistakes they did.

4. Bounce ideas

Too many ideas for the next product iteration? No clue where to start with your upcoming fundraising round? Testing a new market entry strategy? Use your 1:1 sessions to bounce ideas and get a qualified external view.

5. Get motivated, stay motivated

The entrepreneurial life can be a roller-coaster (sounds familiar?) and sometimes it’s tough to stay on track. Find out what gets your mentor going and how she / he made it through tough times. Also, a word of encouragement and support from a person you respect can make a difference. So don’t be shy and dare to share your highs & lows. You will not regret it.

Female Founders wants to empower female entrepreneurship in Austria. Apply now for the mentoring program. Find out more about the program and participating mentors. Application closes on April 9th 2017.



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