I’m the lead Node developer at Opbeat and a member of the Node.js Tracing Working Group under the Node.js Foundation. My daily job involves maintaining the Opbeat Node.js agent, that our users install on their production servers to monitor the health and performance of their applications. One of our core principles is that any Opbeat agent can be installed in minutes, with little to no configuration, and begin giving users valuable insights right off the bat. However, when developing our Node.js module, upholding this principle wasn’t as simple as I had originally hoped.

Before I started programming in Node.js, I…

Last week we could finally announce that Opbeat has joined the Node.js Foundation as a Silver Member. This is something I’ve been looking forward to share with you for a while now. But I feel that I also wanted to elaborate a little on how and why we got here.

Time flies in good company. I’ve been a full-time Node.js programmer for about half a decade, initiated when I originally put my first Node app into production running on Node.js version 0.6. …

As a few of you might already know, I’ve decided to step back from my role at Pumodo. The startup have been my baby for several years. It’s been an exciting and interesting journey and we’ve made a lot of cool apps in the process. But I decided late last year that it was time for me to pick a new path in my life. So without really knowing what to do next, I announced my decision internally at Pumodo in December. …

This is me thinking really hard about Node.js

Update 2016–01–26: You can now cast your vote or participate in my Q&A. Deadline for voting is January 30th.

I’m an enthusiastic programmmer, community and open source lover, conference/NodeSchool/hackathon organizer and serial Node.js module pusher. I have 20 years of programming experience and have been an active participant in the Node.js community for the past 4 years 💖

2015 was the year that Node.js had to grow up. It was a year of great disruption in the Node community — a year where the community seemed to be falling apart. But it was also a year where the seemingly impossible…

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

— Augustine of Hippo

What to remember when you relocate

I’ve relocated to different countries 5 times in my life. You start to get a mental checklist of what to do and remember when you make the big move.

People talking about this subject usually talk about the “physical” stuff related to the move, e.g. forwarding of your mail, learning the tipping rules etc. But as a tech-geek I have a lot of accounts and settings around the internet that needs to be updated to let people know where I am.

Flickr: pondspider

When faced with new frontiers, we sometimes have a tendency to see them in a worst-case-scenario light. We will try our best to make up excuses or simply be too scared to try – too scared to take that leap of faith. It’s simply easier to do what you are used to, than to take that first seemingly daunting step.

I remember clearly a Sunday in 1990 in the city of Hørsholm. Hørsholm is a small suburb in Copenhagen and at the time it had a really good community pool. I used to go there a lot, with my parents…

Thomas Watson

Computer programmer, Node.js Core Collaborator, open source hacker and Node.js dev at @Elastic, formerly @opbeat

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