“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

— Augustine of Hippo

What to remember when you relocate

I’ve relocated to different countries 5 times in my life. You start to get a mental checklist of what to do and remember when you make the big move.

People talking about this subject usually talk about the “physical” stuff related to the move, e.g. forwarding of your mail, learning the tipping rules etc. But as a tech-geek I have a lot of accounts and settings around the internet that needs to be updated to let people know where I am.

If you use meetup.com, you can tell it where you are down to the specific city. This way you’ll get tailored mails with interesting meetups in your new area. This is without question the best way to meet new people when moving to a new city.

Skype also have a country setting in your profile. You can also choose to let your contacts know which timezone you are in so they don’t try and call you in the middle of the night (this last feature doesn’t seem to be available on your web-profile, so use your installed Skype application on your desktop to change this setting). If you are like me, you’ll start to use Skype a lot when you see your first phone bill after making to many calls to friends and family back home.

I use f.lux to adjust the light on my laptop monitor when working long hours. F.lux uses your current location to estimate when the sun rises and sets. Remember to update this location or your screen will look all weird during the day.

When getting a new sim (which in some places can be a big pain in the but), I always send out an e-mail to my close friends and family to let them know how to reach me. But remember to update your Facebook, Skype and LinkedIn settings with the new number. Optionally you can also use your new phone number as the Skype Caller Id for your outgoing Skype calls. But especially Facebook is important since many people sync their phones address book with Facebook and then automatically get your new number. Recently the Facebook Messenger app got a facelift allowing you to text friends. I haven’t used this feature yet, but I’ve updated the app with my current phone number just in case.

If you want to make it easier (cheaper) for friends and family to call you, consider getting a Skype Number. You can choose the country in which the number should reside, so people can call you without any long distance fees. Some of my friends use Viber, but for some reason it have never caught on with me. If most of your friends have an iOS device, Apples Facetime Audio is easier and best of all — just as Viber — free.

Having my own tech-startup I need to monitor all our servers. We use both Pingdom and OpsGenie and both will send me SMS text messages or call me when something is wrong with one of our servers. If you have Ops responsibilities, this might be the most important thing you need to update.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Twitter and GitHub have location fields as well? At least once I’ve been invited by GitHub to a local drink-up based on that my GitHub location.

Good luck, and safe journey.

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