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Thanks to Amazon, consumers of all industries realized just how convenient e-commerce is to their daily lives. Traditionally retailers would distribute ads via newspaper and magazines, consumers would see these deals subsequently visiting the store and purchasing products. As technology has become more advanced, with the internet providing everything at your fingertips, consumers have given up on going to brick-and-mortar stores to complete their purchases. Retailers realized by selling products through their website they could more efficiently market their products, ultimately cutting costs.

As much good as the internet has done for e-commerce one challenge still presides, scalability. Retailers frequently offer far too many products on their website resulting in a time consuming tedious process for consumers trying to find products they desire. Due to the vast amount of consumers utilizing the internet as their preferred mode of shopping, retailers cannot possibly keep up with each specific consumers preferences or demands for products. Although retailers do their best to run marketing campaigns they believe represent the demands of a large portion of their consumers, many other consumers fall through the cracks.

The only way to solve a problem created by technology is by tackling it with even better technology.

Introducing WAAM, the only platform in which retailers can analyze the shopping habits of all their consumers in order to create targeted marketing campaigns based on consumers activity. This state of the art technology assists retailers by analyzing the data from each individual consumers shopping habits creating tailored deals and discounts. This level of personalization provides consumers with a feeling of gratification for their loyalty while retailers are able to maximize value and sales efficiency.

Due to the low-cost high-efficiency nature of the blockchain, retailers that adopt WAAM protocol are able to instantly minimize their marketing costs. Furthermore, retailers are able to recognize products that have not cost beneficial to their product line. Retailers will effectively be able to restructure their online shopping experience to not only benefit consumer engagement but to maximize their sales potential, subsequently lowering their bottom line.

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WAAM functions as a Retail Power Tool (RPT), enabling retailers to expand their reach to new audiences & increase their online sales with minimal item returns.

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