Social Media’s Impact on e-Commerce: from Instagram to inFASH

Feb 6 · 3 min read

Social media is becoming more and more prominent in our lives every year, in fact in 2017 on average we spent 135 minutes per day on social platforms, in contrast to only 67 minutes spent drinking and eating. With 10% of our day is being consumed by social media it’s of little wonder that it became one of the main communication channels for both individuals and companies, after all, one of the first rules of business is to communicate with your audience on the highest exposure channel.

E-commerce in general and especially the fashion industry flourished in this new social environment. Finding users highly receptive to images shared on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Leading to the birth of influencers advertising, as individual users became the inspiration source and trendsetters, being followed by millions of people across the globe.

Instagram, in particular, has proven to drive massive traffic to fashion brands and retailers, having “real users” post their own outfits and testimonials to help inspire others to buy them and share their own posts. Breathing life into a new form of marketing, which is now known to be one of the main deciding factors in online shopping. However, while effective this marketing format is far from perfect. The mass number of users posting prevents brands from being able to contact and reward all for their testimonials, leaving most of them uncompensated for the “advertising services” they provided. Not to mention that in many cases users don’t offer much information about how the posted items can be purchased, leaving other users to guess their way through the maze of Google. After all, if it’s extra work and you are not being paid for it, why bother.

Better Shopping Experience

Thanks to the proven track record of social media platforms in successfully driving sales through images and as an answer to their limitations, new innovative platforms such as inFASH came to exist. inFASH aims to provide a better shopping experience by empowering its users. Giving them advanced tools such as, auto-tagging of posts with shoppable items using innovative Ai technology, customizable feed to match each user’s body type, get advice feature allowing users to send a poll to their friends before deciding on what to buy, and much more. inFASH takes the current interactions between shoppers and retailers and pushes it to the next level, facilitating a more direct and personal approach, thus making online shopping easier and more enjoyable.
The belief that users’ social activity is valuable led inFASH, utilizing the WAAM protocol embedded in the app, to reward its users for their in-app activity, as well as for other users’ purchases done following their recommendation. By doing so inFASH added a fiscal motivation to social activity.

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WAAM functions as a Retail Power Tool (RPT), enabling retailers to expand their reach to new audiences & increase their online sales with minimal item returns.

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