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In 2018 American retailers spent 23.5 billion U.S. dollars on digital advertising, an increase of almost 20% from the previous year. This trend will only become more prominent as large luxury brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton reallocate their marketing budget towards digital ads. In fact, retail is the industry with the largest digital ad spend in the U.S., followed by automotive and financial services. In contrast, digital ads have proven to be somewhat limited in their effectiveness with an average click rate of display ads standing at 0.1%. Costing retailers billions of dollars in wasted marketing campaigns.

Entering this ecosystem WAAM platform was designed to provide retailers with more sophisticated tools to maximize their marketing budget. By granting retailers with access to a comprehensive marketing database, which includes real users’ purchasing data and cross-market retailers’ statistics, WAAM enables retailers to better analyze and target their audience.

WAAM provides retailers with advanced campaign management functionalities, dealing with both the campaign pre-launch and post-launch stages. Unlike solutions available today, which focus only on tracking campaign results post-launch, WAAM allows retailers to simulate the campaign and predict ROI, giving retailers a chance to make adjustments to the setting and targeting when the prediction doesn’t match their expectations before spending even a single cent.

Finally, WAAM opened a direct communication channel between retailers and their potential customers. On WAAM retailers can send personalized offers, including customizable pricing, directly to the customers as a DM. Matching the customers’ individual taste and preferences to the message sent and thus assuring a significantly higher click-through rate.

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WAAM functions as a Retail Power Tool (RPT), enabling retailers to expand their reach to new audiences & increase their online sales with minimal item returns.

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