Take a knee.
Patrick Gothman

In the end, NFL players can do whatever their corporate masters allow them to do (just like the rest of us). If their corporate masters say it’s ok for them to kneel during the National Anthem and they assure them that it’s not a fire-able offense like it would be for many of the rest of us, that settles that.

They have been granted their expressive freedom by their corporate masters and the rest of the country is free to continue to patronize them or not. For me, I’m done with them. I’ll watch my football on Saturdays because the last thing I want in a era where every damn thing has become politicized is to watch politicized sports. (I mean, what’s next? Protest hats and towels at golf tournaments? Lying on the ice at hockey games? Flipping the bird during the 7th inning stretch?) Just as Jimmy Carter was a fool to pull the US Olympic Team out of the 1980 Olympic games and ABC were fools to put Rush Limbaugh on Monday Night Football, this is just the latest sports-politics asshattery to come into the minds of the 1%ers among us. I’m done with it and I’m done with them.

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