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Well, yeah. The radical Left has woken up from the post-Sixties fantasy whereby if you just be nice everyone will see you’re right and you’ll win.

I’m more than happy to work with anyone who is actually wanting to do something like what I’m supporting. Unfortunately, since 2008 it’s been clear that that doesn’t include Republicans. Nonetheless, Democrats throughout the Obama administration insisted on trying hard to reach a compromise with Republicans, even when they made it clear it wasn’t possible by refusing to accept ideas originally made by conservatives but now put forward by Democrats. The Left compromised, the Right moved the goalposts and blamed the Left for not compromising.

It takes two to negotiate a deal. When one side is willing to compromise, but the other isn’t, the side willing to compromise can either put that aside for a while or become so obsessed with “bipartisanship” that they look like they’re trying to appease the other side. The latter is the path the Democrats chose.

There is no evidence that the Trumpists are willing to compromise at all, or negotiate in good faith. If they aren’t willing, why should I insist on sitting at the negotiating table they’re refusing to acknowledge? Just to prove some supposed “moral superiority”? If we on the Left are to have any moral superiority, it must come from our ends, not our means.