House Leveling — New Jersey

House leveling is the process by which a home’s lowest point is brought to level or to the same elevation as its highest point. For a house with a slab-on-grade foundation, the leveling process requires extensive excavation beside and under the existing slab. Pier and beam foundation repair costs can range from high to low depending upon what is required to properly fix them. Average foundation repair prices can vary, and can cost as little as $1,500 while others can cost upwards of $10,000.

One of the biggest problems we are seeing on the New Jersey coastline is the diminishing quality of the soil. A house leveling solution is often needed if the home is on poorly maintained or eroding soil. Given the flooding and torrential weather coastal New Jersey shore counties have experienced, this is becoming more common. But this problem doesn’t just affect coastal NJ, it can affect any home, anywhere. It is always better to repair your home’s foundation now, instead of later for just some of the following reasons:

1. If you have cracks in your walls or foundation system, it allows water to seep into your home. Every time there is considerable rainfall, sunken living rooms, basements and foundations run the risk of having water seep in. The problems may worsen from year to year, which is why it is imperative to make these repairs before the damage becomes too severe.

2.The longer you wait to fix your foundation, the more severe the damage will be. At first, you may notice only small cracks or only a slight sloping to the floors. After time though, if the cause of those slight imperfections is not repaired, it will continue to displace your foundation.

3.Logically, the more your foundation shifts, the larger the cracks become, the more weak the entire structure becomes, and thus the more the costs of repairing your house increase. Make sure to catch your foundation damage early so you can avoid more major damage and more costly repairs.

Unfortunately, there is no pre-structured plan in handling leveling problems. Each property has its specific characteristics and structural issues that needs special attention. Leveling is not only limited to getting your foundation strong but it also involves poor drainage and cracks among other problems. A professional can analyze all the contributing factors and then will create an estimate. Many grave issues can be neglected or overlooked, in the absence of an expert. The leveling of the structure comes with inherent dangers that command it to be a professional’s job. Homes are complex structures that are extremely heavy which makes the whole repair and stability process a potential hazard for normal residents. A professional has the required knowledge and experience in the field along with all the tools necessary in repairing a home safely and efficiently.

Some homeowners may decide that they can level their own home, which can lead to a domino effect. There are chances of compromising other structural issues. The home may be in good condition and leveled for some months and then submit to a worse situation. Experts avoid these additional problems by fixing the whole project at once.

House leveling is the process by which a home’s lowest point is brought to level or to the same elevation as its highest point. It is always better to level your home sooner rather than later to prevent damages from becoming to severe.