By Wachiya Anne

During a high school freshmen’s intake, it was always a routine for students to be allowed to pick their favorite subjects apart from the compulsory ones in the curriculum –mostly according to their hobbies or preferences. Now, during my time I never got the chance to do so. Why? I joined school almost a month late and the options I could play around with was to take the vacant seat and sit down. I enee-meeneed my way to the southern stream. Class of music and home science. They were both exciting and awesome and I managed to pick up some few lessons from one of them. In home science we did theory stuff, designed clothing and stitched and best of all activities we baked –a lot! Who doesn’t love cake? No one (at least not me). Cakes are nice. But the degree of goodness depends wholly on what you do during preparation. Let’s dig in!

1. Be sweet.

Remember power puff girls? Sugar, spice and everything nice? Good. We need those for cake apparently. Sugar, flavor, icing, color etc. the list of sweet stuff is endless.
Like a cake, don’t distance yourself from things that make you sweet. Peace of mind, love, joy, satisfaction and forgiving. Quit bitterness, anger and holding grudges for these only make your soul dark, cold and eventually destroy you. You deserve to be happy so stay around jovial people and think about beautiful stuff. Life is sweet 😊

2. Be yourself.

Cakes come in different shapes and sizes with decorations taking the most interesting part since colors are involved and you get to choose them. Colors are life. Point is, there is nothing standard about how cakes should turn out except for the basic rules of making it. The rest you choose on your own.

You create what you want. Is it a heart-shaped cake full of chocolate and dates? Wanna put cherry on top? Go on make that. Be yourself. There is no blue print or manuscript for that. Be brave enough and just wing it!

3. Take risks.

Chocolate? Vanilla? Strawberry? What’s your flavor? Want a flavor cocktail? –whaaat? 
Know what? It’s very much okay. Take risks and try something you’ve never done before. Be creative but keep in mind that you can’t re-invent the wheel.

Mess around with the versatile rules. That’s how life works –climb mountains, love, live, laugh, write, sing… just don’t quit school (haha)

4. Be patient.

For the cake mix to set, wait. Pre heat the oven, wait. Place the cake in the oven and set the timer, wait. Nothing comes easy. Every process that you interrupt in turn causes bad results as the consequences. You want a nice, presentable cake and that means you just signed yourself a patience warranty. Why? — you want results that you’re going to be proud of.

In life, don’t, in fact never rush something you can’t control. Things take their own time and will come to you if they are meant to be no matter the length of the path they’ll used. Great things take time so chill yo. 😉

5. Every step matters.

Steps are good, from foundation to the peak of the skyscraper. Each one of them counts. Aerate the flour, whip the butter and sugar, use the correct quantities etc. you don’t follow steps of growth then you are going to produce a product of natural disaster.

Every choice we’ve ever made has led to the current moment and will take us to the next. Easy or hard every period in our lives is a step that we all need to embrace.

Hope you’ve learnt a number today. Catch you later, peace.

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