Has someone ever left you on read? Hours later your message is just hanging in there dauntlessly riding solo with two tiny ticks oozing blue. That makes you swear never to put yourself out there again. Well, I have been there and done that too.

Here’s the thing, there are two types of people. One would ask

"Why did you leave me on read?"

There’s always a why, including non at all, being busy such that making a reply may mean a thread that would take much time — saved for later or something just took hold of their attention immediately after opening your message and that was just it. No long story.

On the contrary, person number two would try to give you possible points why they think you left them on read.

"I know you left me on read because you think you’re too important. You’re a snob... Yadi yadi yada"

The listing can be endless about things you’ve never even thought of.

When there is little understanding between people, there is more questioning. If these questions lack a firm base or statistics to back them up - they become mere insecurities.

See, sometimes we ask a lot of questions and even go a notch higher trying to jump into conclusion and answer them not knowing that these are our own insecurities.

Things we’re afraid that we have or don’t have, therefore, forcing it on other people could just maybe increase the size of the imaginary community to give you a similar-trait-buddy and you don’t have to be alone anymore.

Good tidings! - that should never be the case. I mean, come on you can’t expect people to be everything to you - that’s a lot to ask if you put yourself in their shoe. You’ve got to find a way to address your insecurities.

Usually, 98% of the time we know what to do but the fear of execution is what pulls us back. Back to anticipating certain things or behaviors from people because then,it’s pretty much easier when they get to do all the work to keep us comfortable.

Perhaps you might need someone to give in a good word for you for a promotion but they don’t owe you that. Work your way up -every successful person did that. Maybe you need more of their time and attention but they have goals and deadlines -you find something to do!

Be on the clock and work around it if you have to. Get it together for yourself. Be complete by yourself for yourself doing the best you can to be the better version of the man or woman in the mirror.

Next time you find yourself insecure or jealous or emotionally needy -listen good, it’s an inside job not outside. It’s a wake up call there to remind you that you’re not living up to your full potential and you know it.

Don’t let yourself be one of those people who leave their riches in the grave. It doesn’t help anyone that way. Seek them out of you right now and make a difference - that’s what the world needs right now. More of creators less consumers, more of encouragers less critics, construction not demolitions -and you could make a good one. One of that which you’ve been dreaming about for ages. Life is about giving, remember that.

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