By Wachiya Anne

Image from waltcrocker.com

For ages billionaires have been the icons of inspiration. Well, today you don’t need that to teach and motivate others. Right where you are at this moment, you are one. An inspiration –to your kid, your siblings, your peers or even strangers. The reason why the rich have an upper hand in influencing is others is because they have proof.

Something that’s the product of what they are asking of others. If you walk the talk and show progress with your methods, that’s pretty much it. Booya! You get to influence.

Anyways, my fitness routines and journey hitherto, have brought about great things you’ve been missing out on. I’m sharing them today because they cut across life.

1. It’s you and yourself against the world
In freshman year I started a fitness plan, mostly morning run. It was a “we” plan. We were at it for a week waking up at 5.00am to exercise then she quit. I was scared of being up at that time by myself –that was a dead-end for me too.

During the long holiday from school, I created another plan then invited my homegirl to join. She was so excited about it and so was I, it made me sure it was going to work this time but… She quit on me on day three. This trend was becoming discouraging for me.

I had this notion that working out alone was impossible.

I still drafted another plan and asked my roomie to do it with me. After four days she caught a flu and got a raincheck. I didn’t realize it was a ‘forever’ kind of raincheck. She bailed and so did I after two weeks.

It was time to restrategize. My fitness mentors on social media induced the grand motivation.

New plan, no invitations. It was me against the world, exclusive plan –dream. Every morning up and running (literally),

I reminded myself that I’ve got me for life and a stronger version of that in body and will would be nice. To date, the plan is functional.

Seek inspiration from within yourself first with the understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’ll need help from others of course but too much of that dependence starves you when the help is withdrawn.

Depend on yourself a great deal and make that person dependable.

2. “Just one more” rule
My exercise mantra. If it’s ten planks, that’s eleven for me. It’s progress although it may seem like nothing at the moment. I know you may be thinking


Yeah yeah.. See, just one more push up, one more crunch, one more lap and the one more cycle doesn’t die. At the end of three months when you’re able to plank for more than a minute, a state that was impossible to be in for more than ten seconds earlier on –then you’ll understand that cumulative tiny efforts are valuable.

This shouldn’t be a workout rule, it should be a life rule.

You want to quit? Fine, how about after one more chance. Endurance and dexterousness in your faculty won’t let you.

3. Choose what you need over what you want
I hate push-ups. But I need them so I force myself to participate in them (oh boy they burn!). Repetition by repetition, set by set I don’t care if I hate them, I just do them. No matter how bad they hurt they’re stuck with me.

If you need it prioritize it. Schedule it out.do it.

4. Show up
The weather sucks sometimes. Bad moods too. I ran in drizzles the other day just because I couldn’t afford to break my chain of routine then start skipping exercising and fall back into the vicious cycle of bad habit.

Newsflash! –the experience was better than I thought it would be. I was glad I did show up. It simmers down to self-discipline.

Don’t do it only when you feel like it because that’s a temporary emotion you can’t base your serious decisions on.

Put up alarms and reminders if you need to. Just show up. Every tiny effort counts. Keep showing up and do your thing, results are coming.

5. Find a partner
Last point on my list, why? It’s not mandatory. Also, your gym instructor is your first partner. Just like a teacher is your first mentor in a subject.

Like-minded people working together is energizing as you get to push each other beyond existing limits and grow together in shared goals and passions. These kinds of interactions are priceless.

Training the body trains the will too. Will power is everything. Enroll to a gym buddy, let’s grow.

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