Begin the End

Our prototype has really shaped up. It is fairly functional and contains many of the aesthetics we aimed for in the creation phase.

Some changes made;

  • Make the create event button on the home screen more button like. People still tend not to want to click it.
  • Change the lighting on the button so that it’s shadow matches the light source of the other shadows
  • Make the “create event” wording larger
  • might consider having groups of people when selecting who to send to. For example: maybe I want to send a request to the same group of ten people but I don’t want to select their names individually every time. I should just select a single group and be done with it.
  • Needs to be some sort of confirmation after I’ve selected the people I want to send it to. I.e. In a popup box just before the invites are sent, it should show the people I selected.
  • When I select a row containing a person, it should light up indicating the selection
  • The green boxes should have green checkmarks instead.
  • The boxes on the “send to” page need to be more visible
  • When setting the event options, the “event title” should be worded differently. Not sure what it should be though.
  • Should be able to designate a moderator when leaving an event
  • Should be a way for the moderator to cancel an event so that everyone doesn’t have to leave to cancel the event
  • The “understood” button on the confirmation pop-ups that have it should be removed. There doesn’t need to be a button at all.
  • Change the “I’m available in…” section of the event options menu. I’m available… now, 5 min, 10 min, 15min etc. The main problem is the “no time”
  • Add filler pictures to all the blank white circles

One of the more extreme changes; the name is now Rally. And here is why.

Our Ally.

R Ally.

  1. To call together for a common purpose; assemble: rally troops at a parade ground.

We need to work on how we are going to frame this and design with this name in mind.

We hope to continue with user testing.


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