For this week, we had to gather our previous prototypes and construct a conglomeration of our beauties.

Putting all of our ideas into one prototype was challenging, in a good way. It required us to be ultra-critical of every design choice. We spent many hours on the whiteboards sketching out the potential inVision design. Coffee. Yelling. Cortisol. Sweat. All in one push, around 8 hours.

After this, we had every page designed on the whiteboard.

We also began thinking of a logo to add, below the title. Something that was catchy (as usual). We came up with a few.

Im free lets play

lets game now

im free lets game

lets game im free

play together now

im game lets game

Still up for debate.

Next, we had to deconstruct the images and put them into some sort of logic. We primarily utilized PowerPoint to create our images for the inVision prototype. This process took some time as well.

Here is the inVision link, and below are some snapshots.

We will pursue a wealth of user testing so we can touch up some of the designs.

Then we implement.


gg raid impromptu whatever

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