I’m afraid your initial line is entirely false.
James Roy Poulter

I fear there is something that is amiss. I needed to come back to edit this. Please know that from here on out, I am trying to learn from you. So, please, do not take this as an insult or anything. From a Christian perspective, there is much to say regarding the concepts of pre-determinism within Theological discussions. I am attempting to come to a better understanding of your view here.

Are you stating that we are purely mechanistic creatures reacting based on predetermined (at some point pre-life) functions of our DNA?

At that point, abstract thought, the capacity to form in our mind images of what is non-existent (materially) and never input into our system, can not exist in the model you describe. You state something similar to, ‘we are nothing but our causes,’ even to the point of reducing the entirety of our existence (not just the physical) to reductionism and a causal trace back to the big bang.

Is the assertion you are making that every thought we have ever had was pre-determined and not of our own upbringing? Including what I am writing right now?

For me to write in denial of your point, goes further to demonstrate what I am defending. If we were purely mechanistic creatures, I would not be disagreeing with you. All of your examples from experimentation provide evidence of what consistently happens with humans who do not think outside of instructions given. However, there are those of us who do not think with instructions, nor in predictable patterns. Your model simply can not account for that.

Hopefully this is helping to direct your thought as I am hoping it does. However, you are predetermined, so it would logically follow you’d go down the path I am intending you to go down…

What is it that you say we are that actually accounts for the full nature of humanity? What impact should that have on the individual who discovers it? What gene has been identified that accounts for dependability in a person, and how is it that it gets turned off?

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