It might help to introduce the word “axiom” here — we accept these first principles as premises for…
Jere Krischel

I was considering the use of ‘axiom’ but it doesn’t quite fit well with my intended audience is all. Calling them “first principles” or “properly basic beliefs” also hits on the particular idea I’m am trying to convey to my readers. Axiom is more associated with statements accepted as true within the context of philosophical argumentation or discussion. In my writing, I’m not quite trying to engage with my readers in that way. Now that is just my vibe on the word, so don’t take that the wrong way, haha.

Thank you for the alternative form of presenting the idea. I do like the chart concept and your approach to introducing the differences. I hope future readers will review your response to be able to review your way of presenting the ideas. It is always helpful to have alternative ways of organizing and presenting the information you are trying to convey.

As always, my friend, thank you for the perspective and kind recommendations.

-Respectfully and with blessing,

Wilson Campbell

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