Six Business strategies to enhance sales

Build an online presence: As discussed in my previous blog about the importance of online presence, in case you missed out here is the link Through different online sources the finding has come out that nearly 60% of small businesses in USA don’t have website and I can surely figure out the exposure and sales they are loosing. It is very important for small business to have online presence with impact-full online marketing to generate sales and revenue.

Frequently remind your customers of you: My experience suggest that making new client is tough but retaining the existing customer is even tougher. It often happens that your most satisfied or good customers says that they will refer you or willing to refer you but either they forget or fail to do so. I would always suggest to run an email campaign like newsletter, Press release, Boucher. This method also apply for new customer who have subscribed for newsletter and Press release. The thumb line is On the off chance that a client feels imperative, welcome and agreeable, they will return over and over, at times even regardless of long sit tight circumstances for the completed item.

Be active. Prove you are alive: It is saying that “out of site is out mind”, same apply to business also. It is important to any type of business to be in touch with market, Even if people don’t see a TV ad of once renowned brand, they think it’s gone or dead by now. So It is important to have some promotional activity to make your presence feel. This can be done through different sources like email marketing, social media promotion, sales offer, loyalty and referral program. All the mentioned activities hardly cost anything

Automate whatever possible: When someone start their business, they have a feeling of freedom and thought comes “All is mine, My terms, My profit, My loss” but slowly and steadily when things start spreading and responsibilities get increasing, then you always think of extra cup of coffee to get relaxed. From business perspective, business owner should always be free, Free to make new business strategies. In order to achieve this business automation is necessary. Automation can certainly increase the efficiency and increased productivity. Automation also gives the hands in making new strategy and also enable us to look into critical business matters.

Always plan and keep funds aside for Marketing: Maximum business fail or succeed on the strength of their marketing, so it is always advisable to make marketing plan carefully with all the data and reports available. For allocating the marketing budget it is important to have impact-full marketing plan. While making the marketing plan the companies should always look into the past market strategy that has worked for them and also try to look out for new things. Periodic analysis of the marketing strategy is important to check what is working and what is not. As marketing includes different channel, so allocation of fund accordingly is also important. Sometimes a poor fund can hamper what would otherwise be successful business effort. Make sure whatever is spent is going where it can be more effective.

Practice Values & Ethics. Money will follow: Every business have their own code of conduct, which also represent their ethical values. Even the loss making businesses with good practice values and Ethics are valued in billions. Several sector plays a role in business success along with finance and marketing that includes organizational culture, management philosophy and ethics in business. Each have their own impact on how business do in long run. Business ethics are of the most important aspect of long term success.

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