The Links Report

Project #2 is completed at The Firehose Project. The project was to design a “Yelp” clone, or simply a review-type website. I hope you get a chance to check it out. My review site is called “The Links Report”. Halfway through the project I changed it from a food-review type site, to a golf course review site. I uploaded about 15 or so courses and did mini-reviews on them. But the idea is that anyone can add a review, post pictures, comments, etc…

The site is built with the Ruby on Rails framework.

This was a very challenging project, but I learned a tremendous amount along the way. Here were some of the key’s to building this :

User Authentication:

In order for a visitior to post content (pictures, reviews and comments), the software checks to ensure that you are logged in and a valid visitor. If you are not, it directs you to sign-up or login.

Active Records:

When dealing with any web application, you have many records (Places, Users, Comments) to name a few. Ruby allows you to associate a place with a user in the specified file, such as:

Map Feature:

Implemented a map feature using Google Maps API. Very cool to see how this works. What you don’t see behind the scenes is that the address you type in is converted to Longitude and Lattitude coordinates and then reproduced to you in a good visual format.

Email Notifications:

When a user leaves a comment, the creator of the review gets an automatic email notification that a comment was left about their review. This is live, you have been warned!


Ran into a lot of bugs along the way, that is the life of a developer. Even after the project was complete and the code was reviewed, I was told about a bug that I didn’t even know existed that was embedded in the program. We’ll see if you can find it, I’m still working on a fix for it! (edited: fixed!)