If Trump Just Turned a Corner, Team Clinton Should Be Worried

Donald Trump speaking at the Detroit Economic Club

If people are dissatisfied with the direction of the country, one would think they’d be hard-pressed to elect the candidate holding the compass, but so far Trump has been his own worst enemy.

Update: Not three hours after this article was posted on Quorum Report, Donald Trump implied that Second Amendment People should act against Clinton. The next day, he said President Obama founded ISIS. I guess no corners were turned.

This was the speech Donald Trump should have given at the Republican Convention.

Education reform, health care reform, security, law and order, trade, energy, restoring the middle class, and American prosperity.

On Monday, Trump gave the best speech of his political career, and if we are seeing a more disciplined Donald Trump, the Clinton Team should be worried.

Billed as a major economic policy address, Trump’s speech to the Detroit Economic Club focused on much more than the economy and could provide a reset, of sorts, for a struggling campaign.

After a horrible post-convention period and sagging poll numbers, Trump’s campaign looked to be coming off the rails.

Since the convention, Trump encouraged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s campaign email, he got into a very public dispute with the Khan family, and just kept digging, he made a bizarre comment about wishing he could get a Purple Heart, he saw bags of money on a video that didn’t exist, and he told the mother of a crying baby to get out of his rally.

This behavior has put unnecessary strain on the Republican Party, its leadership and voters who desperately want Trump to win — or Clinton to lose — in November.

The concern of so many is that Trump’s misstatements were not misstatements at all. They were symptoms of an undisciplined and thin-skinned candidate who does not have it in his being to focus on Clinton, preferring instead to quibble with anyone who looks at him funny.

These distractions were gifts to the Clinton campaign and the polls showed her lead over Trump growing.

Unfortunately for Clinton, though she is leading in the polls, it’s not because voters like her. It’s because they either don’t like Trump, his temperament, or both.

But the only poll that matters right now is voter perception on the direction of the country, and those polls remain encouraging for Trump.

With only 28 percent of likely voters approving of the direction of the country, there is a whopping 72 percent of voters who could be open to Trump’s message.

And therein lies Clinton’s Achilles heal.

She is the status quo, a continuation of President Obama’s policies. If people are dissatisfied with the direction of the country, one would think they would be hard-pressed to elect the candidate holding the compass.

Up to now, Trump has been his own worst enemy.

What we need is a more disciplined candidate with laser focus on the issues he outlined in Detroit. If Trump’s speech previews his message in the remaining 90 days of the campaign, Republicans should be encouraged.

But the window of opportunity for Trump to turn his campaign around is quickly closing as most voters will have made up their minds by mid-September.

If Trump can instill in voters a little confidence in his leadership and temperament, he could win this election.

If not, he may just get that Purple Heart he always wanted.

Article published in the Quorum Report on August 9, 2016.