Tips And Tricks to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety affects everyone at some point of life. Interestingly, some amount of anxiety is beneficial as it helps in dealing with certain life-threatening situations. In fact, it is an individual’s response to a perceived danger, which may or may not actually exist. But, when such anxiety becomes frequent or lingers for a prolonged period it can cause more harm than good.

According to a 2016 report by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health ailment in the United States, affecting approximately 40 million adults across the country.

Normally, people get perturbed by small changes in life, such as a new job, the first day of school or college or an interview, which usually goes away with time. However, when someone is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, he or she may find it challenging to come out of even minor concerns such as reaching late at work, getting caught in a traffic jam, and so on.

However, the good news is that one can avoid these negative thoughts from cropping up by incorporating certain easy to use, self-help techniques.

Beat anxiety

Some of the tips to keep anxiety at bay are:

1. Taking a break and laughing often: Laughing helps boost the serotonin (mood-boosting hormone) level in the human brain. This, in turn, elevates one’s spirits and helps them feel better.

When feeling anxious, it is always good to take a break from one’s busy schedule and do things to distract one’s mind like browsing through funny videos online. This can be a good way to break from stressful situations for a while.

2. Listening to music: Listening to one’s favorite music is a sure-shot way to overcome anxiety. Studies have shown that the soothing power of music can have an extremely relaxing effect on the mind and body, thereby resulting in a decrease in the level of stress hormones and a reduction in the heart rate, apart from other benefits.

3. Practicing meditation: Meditation is a great way to overcome anxiety as it increases the gray matter in the brain, which helps one to cope with stress better and hence, reduce anxiety. Incorporating yoga and deep breathing exercises into one’s routine can help one develop a positive outlook toward life while relaxing one’s mind.

4. Talking to friends or family: Discussing with others the negative aspects of one’s life can help in combating anxiety attacks. Seeking support from one’s near and dear ones can be a great way to get in touch with tried and tested ideas to fight disabilities caused by anxiety. Moreover, constant communication with one’s kith and kin can make it easier to reach out for help, if required.

5. Disconnecting with the external world: When anxiety becomes a part and parcel of one’s life, it is time to look for relaxation techniques and eliminate all the stress and worry. Disconnecting completely from the outer world can help a great deal in reducing the symptoms of anxiety. Unplugging the phone, switching off the television or indulging in aromatherapy to relax one’s mind is a great way to improve one’s mental health.

Help is just a call away

Anxiety can manifest in various forms such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Being aware of the symptoms and warning signs and recognizing them early on can help bring the situation under control.

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