We need to play with, test, and try and break models of decentralized governance. Using methods beyond tokenomics, we should be investigating how other forms of incentivizing behavior change create unwanted outcomes.

Token curated registries (TCRs) hold an exciting potential for decentralized governance and decision making. One way that we can increase trust in TCRs is to experiment with trying to break them. In this thought experiment I extend the P+ epsilon Attack into a new method I am calling the “Neglect of Probability Attack.”

The P+ epsilon Attack uses the mechanism of “credibly committing” to pay for votes to…

A Paradoxical Problem: Speculation and Accessibility of Game Objects

A paradoxical problem is created when game objects are bought and sold in real world markets. Speculation of an object’s value will draw players to the game but as more players join the best objects will become inaccessible because of cost. This problem is not new. Collectible Card Games (CCGs) have demonstrated that rare cards that give players the most strategic advantage become the most costly and hardest to acquire. A good example of this is the Power Nine in Magic the Gathering.

The rise of crypto-games and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have compounded this problem. Increased valuation of a…

Some 12,000 Ghanaian children die each year from diseases that could be prevented by hand-washing with soap, according to the Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group using data from the Ghana Health Service and the WHO. Many of these illnesses, such as cholera and other diarrhoeal diseases, are likely to worsen with a changing climate.

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To address this problem, UNICEF, The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and the Engagement Lab at Emerson College have cooperated with the Ghana Education Service, the Ghana Red Cross, Right To Play Ghana and over 600 Ghanaian primary school children to design and developHandwashing…

Wade Kimbrough

Co-Founder Extraludic.com — Games For Impact — Applied Research — Design Research

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