The Sad, Strange Story of NMX and TBEX
Deborah Ng


I appreciate you speaking up about this situation. As you’ve seen, it’s a poorly kept secret when someone goes out of his way to damage relationships and ruin events.

I also see that Rick hasn’t stopped making insincere apologies in the 7 years since my Blogworld disaster.

I, too, have worked with a sociopath in a business venture. And like you, I escaped after giving a few too many chances to this undeserving partner. I was lucky: I got the money promised to me (after filing two lawsuits) and watched the company I helped to build into a powerhouse implode from a safe distance.

It’s tough being played for a sucker. But hold your head high: You survive to fight again. Maybe a little bruised, but a lot wiser.

Hopefully, I’ll pluck up the nerve to write about my misadventure at length in the near future.

Wishing you well.


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