A Dollar and a Dream

There’s a wise saying that floats around in this world of ours, which says: “Money talks.” Most people usually say this when some action or event, that would have not normally occurred, had come to reality because of money. But if people were truly aware of how this adage came about, then the world would dramatically change. There once was a time where money would actually speak aloud and, yes, even communicate directly with humans! It was a time of harmony, where people and money would work together. However, over time, the humans had shifted towards the idea of using money as a means of power and control, not towards helping one another. Money could not speak against the humans, for God had given them the role of working with the humans, no matter what they did. It was not their place to judge or to change the humans. In time, all the currency decided that it was best to keep quiet while in the presence of people. Still, the currencies deeply loved people, so they would “speak” in other ways, hoping to subtly touch their hearts and remind the people of what was possible.

One time, at a local bank, a couple of dollar bills were sitting in a box, talking amongst themselves. They usually like to tell each other stories of where they travel and what people would do with them. Let’s see if we can get a peek at what they are saying…

“I’m so tired of this cycle,” a $1 bill said. “Most of the people I’ve been with just save me up, only to spend me on something they don’t need.”

“I hear ya, boy,” a wrinkled and marked $20 bill answered. “Them humans have forgotten how to work with us, and yet all they do is wish for more of us.”

“Don’t they know that there is more than enough of us to help every single one of them?”

“I reckon that it’s a collective belief them humans share. No one’s question it, and no one bothers.”

They both sigh.

“Um, pardon me,” asked a new $5 bill, “What was it like in the past to work with humans?”

“Ah, you’re a new bill,” said $1 bill. “You see, long ago, all of money and humanity worked together. We built homes, feed people, and helped them live fruitful lives. We still do that, but it doesn’t feel the same because humanity’s perception of us changed. Most people are too busy spending all of their time and energy working for us, only to spend us to alleviate the stress. Then the cycle repeats all over.”

$20 bill shuffled a bit and straightened some of his wrinkles. Joining the conversation, $20 bill said, “The worst part of it all, is that a lot of people, good people even, believe that we be the root of all evil. It saddens me, but all we can do is help them however we can.”

$5 bill was silent. The other bills nearby nodded in agreement, and there was a heavy air surrounding them all. As soon as the bills started to fold themselves away, a teller opened the box and deposited a $100 bill. The bills quickly approached him as soon as the teller closed the box.

“Wow, look, it’s a $100! We don’t see those guys too often at this local bank!”
 “Yeah, I wonder what he’s doing here.”

The $1 bill was the first to ask him directly. “Hello, brother. What brings you here to the bank?” Everyone bunched in a little closer.

$100 could not contain his smile. “Guys, you won’t believe how I just got spent.”

“Tell us, tell us!” one of the bills shouted.

“I was just used to help someone’s dream come true!”

‘Oo’s’ and ‘ah’s’ could be heard spreading around the crowd. The little $5 bill broke through the crowd and approached $100 bill.

“Mister, what was the dream that you were spent on? Who was this person?”

$100 bill took a breath. “Well, my friend, I was spent to help secure someone’s seat for medical school.”

“Wow, that’s amazing!”

“Is that the dream?”

The dollar bills were getting excited. $100 waited until he could finish his story.

“I couldn’t believe it myself. The last time I was spent was to cover for a man’s another episode of drinking his pains away. I feel bad for him, but he always complains about his work and his ex-girlfriend, then drinks all his money away. I personally didn’t think I would be able to help someone, let alone be a part of their dream. But then I got notified that I would be moved! Some other bills that I moved with told me that this kid isn’t from the most well-off family, so he saved what little he he had in order to pay for all of his education. But you wanna know the best part? He wants to come back to his hometown and take care of those who come from similar background, regardless of their financial status.”

$5 bill began to beam with inspiration. The other bills were whispering with amazement, and $20 bill was shedding a few tears. “That’s such a great story you got there,” he managed to say. The atmosphere in the box grew lighter.

“I want to help someone like that!” shouted one bill.

“I want to end world hunger!” another bill proclaimed.

The crowd grew louder as they began to share their dreams and aspirations. Taking in the new mood, $1 bill patted $100 bill on his back. “Thanks for telling us that story, man. We needed a reminder that we could still work together with people, not simply be a tool.”

$5 bill stood up. “I think we all have a dream to be spent well. Whether that helps someone achieve their dream or feed them for another day, we all want to work with humans and truly help them.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Even dollars can have a dream.

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