Medium Post 1 — My First Year Experience.

Digital Story Outline


For my Digital Story I am choosing Option 1: College, Self, & Community that focuses on the campus engagement topic. I decided to go with this option because I’m in the non-service learning track and it seems easier to compare large group campus engagements rather than individual student’s engagements. To gather information for my story throughout the course I will have to be aware and inform myself of the many events that are always going on around campus, which will force me to go out and actually attend the events! I will be able to observe, take notes, pictures, and videos of my surroundings to create a story that exemplifies my engagement on campus. This is going to open up so many new doors, experiences, and friendships for me. I’ll be strengthening my purpose on my campus, my communication skills and friendship building skills.

A few events I plan to document and be a part of already is the American Indian Students Council, American Indian Cultural Living Learning Community, MCAE, and the Circle of Indigenous Nations. The events that these communities plan that I attend are going to be documented. I applied to be a part of the IonE Undergrad Leaders program and I’m looking forward to hopefully being accepted into it. I’ll be able to document experiences through this program as well, one of them being involved with the Native American Medicine Gardens. Lastly, there are all of the many fairs and events on campus that go on throughout the year. Those of which that I attend will be a good source of engagements to document as well.

A few research questions to ask myself as I begin this project:
1. Are my peers that are a part of the student group enjoying their experience and participation?

2. What is it that makes the group or event so enjoyable/not enjoyable?

3. What do they feel is the purpose of the event/fair/group?

4. What brought the person to the group/event? Did their cultural back round, previous experiences, or just their want to try/see something new get them to group/event?

5. How successful/smooth going/enjoyable do they feel they the event was? And what could change to make it better?

6. Are they okay with the amount of people being a part of it, if so why or why not?


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