As much as AI will change the workforce, it’s also going to create new jobs and open new doors we may not even know exist yet.
Can humans thrive in the bot economy?
Dom Price

While this is true, the continued emergence of automation and AI to assist with it will create new jobs, it’s entirely unclear that it will create new jobs in volumes that look at all like the labor markets of the post-Industrial revolution.

In fact, it looks to me that the best views we have now suggest that it is mostly a matter of timing before the majority of human labor needs are eliminated, and what we should be focusing on in the next decade is preparing for that eventuality. This doesn’t take away from any of your key points, near term your article really hits on how to do just that.

Here’s an interesting article on a thoughtful response to the current alarms being raised by Hawking, Musk, Gates et al, from MIT’s Brynjolfsson, getting into the “when”:

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