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I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. As many young kids, I sold lemonade from my front yard. That’s me in the middle of the photo above wearing my green soccer jersey. I don’t think we made much money on that first venture.

Before my LDS mission I jumped into people’s window wells and cleaned them out. It was a dirty job and I met many eight legged friends. I called it Wade’s Windows and Wells and I loved it. I remember hiring my brother for one job where we made $300!

During my undergrad I started a company called Novi Security. My partners and I raised money and ran the company for three years. I left two years ago after I ran out of money. I told my wife I’d try out a “real job” for a while. …

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“You read a lot of books, but you’re kind of a self help junkie.”

A close friend told me this on one of our Saturday runs. He is an impressive life long learner so I valued his critical feedback.

He was exactly right. I have read 200+ books in the last four years. I’ve picked up a lot of anecdotes to help my life (self help junkie) but gained little topic mastery. In other words, I wasn’t really learning.

I’ve tried to improve. Here are a few things that have helped me.

  1. Learn how to read a book

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Credit Luca Bravo

Once I had a senior colleague tell me he doesn’t see the value I’m brining to the team. It stung deep.

I had been working hard, but clearly hadn’t won him over.

It took some major re-calibrations, but I feel I’ve learned an immense amount since then about being a product manager. For one I read a helpful book called Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win. Nothing like the Navy Seals to teach you how to own your job and your life.

Below are some of the things I have learned about owning my role as PM and bringing value to the team. …


Wade Anderson

Entrepreneur. Past: PM @Microsoft, CEO Novi Security

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