6 Songs That Speak About Mental Conditions

It is not just the tune or melody, even lyrics of songs can have a profound impact on the listeners. While cheery songs can make people happy, the melancholic ones can turn the whole atmosphere somber and a rhythmic number can pep up any dull moment. Sometimes, the lyrics of a song leaves a deep impact on the listener.

There are songs describing every aspect of human life, including mental illnesses. Numerous songs have been written on various mental disorders, with some of them becoming chartbusters. Here, we take a pick at six such songs which highlight mental illnesses:

1. “Disturbia” by Rihanna (2007): “All my life on my head, Don’t want to think about it, Feels like I’m going insane, Yeah.” The song, all about mental agony, was written by Rihanna and her beau Chris Brown just before the latter’s arrest for abusing her physically. Though the song depicted general feelings about anxiety, mental anguish and confusion, it was not based on any personal experience, according to Rihanna.

2. “Marilyn Monroe” by Nicki Minaj (2012): With all the wild stories of Marilyn Monroe that fed the paparazzi and media during her heydays, it is not strange to see that a song on her life was written along the line of mental conditions. The song — “It’s like all the good things, They fall apart like… Like Marilyn Monroe” — is a veritable rendition of mental conditions of humans. It was a runaway hit, as the album’s high digital sales posted the song on the U.K. Singles Chart and U.S. Billboard charts.

3. “Warrior” by Demi Lovato (2013): The singer-performer has been brave to talk about her struggle with bipolar depression, addiction and eating disorder. The song is just a way of expression of her tryst with these conditions. She is indeed a warrior and has won many battles, triumphing against all odds. The song seems to be cathartic for listeners and takes them to a trance.

4. “A Better Son/Daughter” by Rilo Kiley (2002): This song is too obvious as the lyrics is compelling tale of mental agonies and struggles within. “The highs are too high and the lows are the low-the song”- is a lilting lyrical journey depicting mental shifts, of joy and despair.

5. “People Are Strange” by The Doors (1967): This song was written by Jim Morrison. It is a song that reeks of mental conditions. A part of the lyrics — “people are strange when you’re a stranger” — says it all. People are indeed strange, and rubbing somebody the wrong way can evoke all sorts of emotions in people.

6. “That Smell” by Lynyrd Skynrd (1977): The song is a tell-tale sign of the band’s struggle to remain afloat. Some of the members were struggling to remain sober and put the pieces together. The part of the lyrics “Oooh, that smell, can’t you smell that smell” — “the smell of death that surrounds you,” are all signs of the band members trying to stay away from drugs and alcohol and their mental struggles in handling it. The song is as famous as the band and remains one of the top songs on mental conditions.

Recovery roadmap

Mental health conditions can be overwhelming if not intervened at the right juncture. However, most of them can be managed with proper treatment. Mild symptoms can be easily managed and the difficult ones can also be handled when addressed by experienced doctors. Any delay in receiving the treatment can worsen any condition.

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