LSUA Criminal Justice Association Lunch

The Criminal Justice Association held a Hamburger Lunch on November 17th in the Courtyard (Quad) of Louisiana State University at Alexandria providing students an alternative for Lunch.

Robert Wright, instructor/head of the Criminal Justice Association at LSUA, (right) helps with the lunch. The lunch proceeds help with raising money for the CJA at the college.

Wright looks on as one of his students cooks the burgers, showing them which ones require cheese and which ones do not.

Students from the University Academy came out to the quad to get a inexpensive lunch.

Most of the people helping with the event were students of Wright, or associated with the CJA in some way. Here, one student is marking down which lunches are completed and which lunches are not.

Students did more than just arrange everything, students were cooking the hamburgers that other students and faculty were coming to purchase.