Time to Focus!

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In this article, I will talk about what I have opted for to improve my technical knowledge. It real makes me feel good about being a developer.

Almost every developer is working from home nowadays and getting benefits of more family time, work-time flexibility and pursuing hobbies as well. A developer should take due advantage of this situation and start focussing on make one-self technically more sound.

There is no developer in the world who has not used some open source library in his career atleast once. We tend to depend a lot on these in our everyday coding lives…

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In every application be it small or big, there might be asynchronous loading of contents for a screen or may be in one of its components. As we know, asynchronous calls may have a fast response time or slow response time which is dependent on various factors such as network connection, api response time, device, etc. Obviously, we would not want our users to see a blank screen while that asynchronous calls is doing its job.

Developers tend to implement this by hiding the content view which might be table view, collection view or something else and adding activity indicator…

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In this article, I am going to share the challenges I faced while integrating Objective-C code into my newly built Swift application.

Recently, I had to revamp my application in terms of design and features and we decided to create a new project in Swift language all together. After sometime, because of tight deadlines, I had to integrate some of the Objective-C written code into my Swift project. I had created my Swift project in pure MVVM architecture with few enhancements. It had its own network layer and its own Image Service. The Objective-C code was in MVC which was…

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Using Alamofire Library

We all as developers integrate one or the other API in our code whether it is GET, POST or PUT. Lets admit, we all use Alamofire for our API calls and reduce our writing API effort to almost what 10% of what it takes to write the whole process. Easy… pizzy..

But have you really ever went inside the Alamofire library to see what it actually does for you when you are making for eg. a GET request to get a simple list of movies or a movie detail. …

Swati Wadhera

Passionate iOS App Developer | Product Owner

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