Soni Wadhwa
Dec 14, 2019 · 1 min read

The Decentralised Social Network

Twitter has announced it’s going to fund a decentralised social network. It’s surprising that such a thing exists. Why isn’t so well known?

On such a network, users own their data. The source is distributed. The software isn’t controlled by one entity. If there’s advertising, users split the revenue among themselves. It remains to be seen what the kind being funded by Twitter does with this “free” for all model.

But seriously, if there’s no profit motive, what will the algorithm do here? There would be no serious connection establishing to do, no tracking, no snooping, no data sharing.

Maybe it just records the data the users put out there. And the data is available for anyone who wants to see without seriously compromising on privacy.

Chances are that people will come to know about the existing decentralised social networks like Diaspora now. Not many people have bothered to find out about such networks. The users are in millions when compared to the billions on the leading networks.

It’s strange that algorithms learnt how to handle privacy, to respect it before the major chunk of population did. Where’s the algorithm to spread this thought?

Let’s wait to see what comes out of one controversial network funding such a species.

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