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As a brown man with a very small platform (Co-Founder of The Table Setters) to share my views about race and the state of our country, my voice screaming at the top of my lungs saying, “It’s not about that” in regards to mostly black NFL players “taking a knee” and exercising their constitutual rights goes unheard. Except for the 1,500 or so viewers of Matthew Schmitt and my non-profit Facebook page and website, The Table Setters (see link at bottom).

But LEBRON JAMES, saying,


should be heard loud and clear.

Am I upset about my voice not spreading as far? Absolutley not. God built my voice to contribute in other ways and in other areas, I’m fine with that. Kudo to Lebron James for speaking directly and clear. (have a listen in it’s…

The Truth about the movie Detroit!

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The truth is

Everything from our physical being to our intellectual prowess of street culture, medical innovations that were tested on our persons without our permission, to breeding us for selling. All this for the financial gain of others, mainly Anglos. Moreover, from the “Ghettoizing” (Ghetto-*) of our culture, to overtly gobbling up everything we had the boldness to wear in the ghetto. From our style of hair, dress, music, dance, and other abilities that were stolen in some form and sold. So now we come down to history, our history as African-Americans. It is American History. So who gets to tell it? We live in such divided communities (red lining) that it is a sensitive subject when it comes to, yet again, exploiting our stories for financial gain. The gap between the everyday experience of black and white people in this country is as broad as a suburb of Detroit with all white people and a great educational environment due to property tax dollars in wealthy areas and the struggles of a large amount of minority youth who are not in school in Detroit (and other urban cities) with high levels of crime in most areas due to lack of education and unemployment. …

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Until the age of seven, I didn’t realize I was a dark brown skin little boy amongst a sea of white people in elementary school in San Jose, California in the mid 1960’s. Because my non-profit speaking partner (Matthew John Schmitt) and I are retracing our history of how we got to this point of forming a non-profit called, The Table Setters ( regarding the subject of social injustices, race relations in the United States; and why we could possibly agree on anything in this day and age of the country more divided than ever. With that, we are both constantly trying to recall our past. For me, it’s remembering what it was like as a so called “Black Boy” making the journey to discover what others thought about me as I didn’t really know that I was black. This is a retrace of significant feelings and events that lead to this discovery. More so from observation of not realizing I was different without a mirror in front of me. Not because I wasn’t looking into mirrors, but because I was just going about my day. The mirror our racists society holds up was not self inflicted, nor did it really carry a reflection, it was more of a daily diatribe of horrible language and commentary used towards me in a derogatory racial fashion from the second grade on. Obviously, my white classmates were getting great lessons in all forms at home and, all of a sudden, the same kids I had been in K through 1st grade decided to practice on me, the “Black Boy”. …


Paid in Full

Marvin Wadlow Jr: Visual, Verbal, Writer, Activist, Table Setter!

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