How to be a Billionaire Entrepreneur in 6 months : the illusion of instant success

We live in an age where we want everything instantaneously -

  • groceries delivered within the hour
  • Food delivered within 30 minutes,
  • videos streamed right now.

Our expectation of success is also now.

Whilst the “unlikely” overnight-success tech entrepreneur make the newspaper cover story, “real” stories don’t see the light of day because no one wants to be reminded of the time it takes to be successful.

The honest truth:
→ ‘Patience’ is the key traits for any ‘Hustler’ in the game.
The journey to success is a long one. The ecstatic high-adrenaline moments are sandwiched in between the day-to-day realities: managing cash flow to ensure your staff and suppliers get paid at the expense of not paying yourself during the initial months/years!

I’m writing my first medium post as an anti-thesis to main stream media.

I promise my next blog will be filled with optimism and grand vision!

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