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At the 2016 United Nations General Assembly meeting, the world’s leaders adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs provide a shared set of objectives and common measures for attaining economic and social progress, broken down by thematic area and geographic region. The goals will run until 2030 and they cover many of the most pressing issues of our age including: poverty; climate change; gender justice and food security. Since that historic meeting in September 2016, governments, business and not for profit organisations have all aligned their impact and development activities with the SDGs.

This is an unprecedented level…

Empowering consumers through distributed credit chains

It has been almost a year since the massive Equifax breach, where over 150 million consumers had their personal data compromised when hackers accessed the credit record company’s systems. The data stolen included sensitive information like social security numbers, dates of birth and full names of mostly American consumers, and a small number of individuals in the United Kingdom and Canada. What’s worse, Equifax first knew of the breach in about July 2017, but did not begin informing affected consumers until September 2017. …

For most of my young life I have dismissed those who emphasised the value of experience as prejudiced. Their emphasis on this mystical “experience” struck me as unfair and discriminatory against the young. I championed youth leadership as a model for success, I worked for organisations whose mantra was, “Young people can and do more.” My perspective changed, when through some life experiences of my own, I learnt the real benefit of having been there and done that before.

The true value of experience is that when things go badly, you don’t freak out.

Experience matters, not because it enhances…

There are numerous models that have been put out for how to consider this question. The most fashionable one is the passion model. This says that the answer to what you should be doing with your life rests where your passions lie.

The passion model is, for many of us, inherently impractical. It asks you to identify your passion or passions. You find clues to what your passions may be in a number of areas: what you do with your free time; what you do when you are tired; the things you do first thing in the morning. …

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