I am from…

I am from the sounds of laughter

I am from the sounds of swingsets

I am from the call to prayer, the Athan

I am from the soothing sounds of the Quran being recited

I am from Islam

I am from stuffed grape leaves

I am from stuffed cabbage leaves

I am from meats and rices

I am from Ramadan nights and fasting

I am from the Middle East

I am from mac n cheese

I am from mashed potatoes

I am from fried chicken

I am from stuffing and turkey

I am from America

I am from the olive branches

I am from the white doves

I am from Red, Black, White, and Green

I am from Palestine.

This singer won last year’s Arab Idol and he was Palestinian! The song translates to “my blood is Palestinian”.
I have a loud voice and with pride I have taken part in leading chants in multiple Anti War protests
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