Islamophobia on U.S. College Campuses

The reason it is important to spread awareness about the Islamophobic incidents is because the media isn’t giving it enough attention, so how will people put a stop to it if others are getting away with it? More recently than ever before, it is social media that brings awareness to things that should be covered in traditional media.

America goes by, “freedom and justice for all” but where is the justice for the Muslim students being threatened and attacked on their own college? People go to school to get an education, it isn’t fair for them to have to worry about their life on an area that is supposed to be safe and welcoming. We should all care about this because, we too, are college students that are on campus regularly. This could happen to any one of your Muslim classmates, coworkers, or friends.

We all are responsible and have to do our part in making sure the people who commit these attacks are being prosecuted for their actions and are held responsible. Why is it that when people of color make a threat, they get arrested for it, but if a white person does it, the white privilege kicks in and it goes unnoticed.

As a society, if we let things like this go by, what kind of example are we setting for the next generations to come? According to Pew Research, Muslims alone make up almost four million of the United States Citizens and are projected to be the second largest religion practiced in the United States by 2050. Economically, Muslims are integrated in the American society and pay taxes, have businesses, go to school, etc. Muslims are just as “American” as anyone else. By being threatened, that hinders at their own patriotism.

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