“All humans are the same creature that belong to a same species but everyone is quite different from one another.” This is a very simple sentence but it has a deep meaning in itself. Throughout the life you meet different kinds of people, some are brown, some are black while some are white. By nature all are different but one thing is same in all. Everyone likes to be interested by other ones. This is very basic and sensitive by default program in humans. I too fall in this category.

From last few days I am experiencing a different thing. I’ve called my friends and started asking about themselves. They told me about their stories with so much interest that I’ve never found before this. Some were telling me about their engagements and marriages, their shopping, their excitement and many more things while other were discussing about their jobs, their daily works, their families and friends etc. One thing that I have noticed that after initial salam and dua they don’t try to ask more about me. I was questioning them again and again and they just go on. They were actually feeling themselves so important at that time when I was curiously asking about them. I have realized that this feeling that you matter so much for someone that he/she is giving you time makes them to feel very special. Making someone to feel this that yourself is interesting for me is a sort of developing emotional bonding between you and the other one. This is what I felt from their response as on the next day they text me as they liked to be interested once again.

No matter how much professional you’re, the attraction of being interested by someone always pulls yourself towards that person who is giving you the importance. Same approach is useful when you’re going to be interviewed by the hiring committee. They liked to be interested by the candidate and they prefer them as they think that they can mold you by the way they want. So always do research about the company and gather as much information as you can to make yourself different from the other ones.

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